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Apr 142015

Year 9 students went on a reward trip to Bude for a long weekend. They were given the opportunity to experience a wide range of new and exciting land and water based sports such as Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Surfing and Bodyboarding. Pupils became aware of a whole new world in the outdoors and developed new skills and increased self-confidence. The weekend showed a great catalyst to a healthier lifestyle. The pics are here


This activity weekend proved to be invaluable as a teambuilding experience. Trust and team spirit are built throughout the weekend developing and improving relationships between each other and teachers.

The activities took place in spectacular unspoilt locations where students got a real experience and lasting impression of the sport. An evening programme was also included to ensure that the pupils can make the most of their time and there is not an excess of free time.


 April 14, 2015