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May 222015

On Monday 1st June there will be revision sessions for Year 11 English in the following rooms.

A12 – LKB 11P/EN1
A13 – RFM 11R/EN1
A14 – JHE 11R/EN3
A15 – LP 11R/EN2
A16 – ST 11R/EN5
A17 – DJV 11R/EN4
A18 – DSA 11P/EN4
A19 – AH 11P/EN2
A20 – JSB 11P/EN5
A5 – LYJ 11P/EN3
DH – support

Also, there will be a breakfast revision session from 7:45 am on Tuesday 2nd June in A12, A13 and A14.

 May 22, 2015