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Exam Regulations and Guidance, for Students, Parents and Carers 2018-2019 Booklet



Exam information for candidates – this is a set of rules for all candidates to follow.

Information regarding changes in GCSE grades 2017
information for Students

Information for Parents


Post Results Services are only available to candidates sitting GCSE, GCE, Principal Learning & Projects (including Extended Project)

Centres with candidates who have not achieved the grade(s) that were expected of them may wish to pursue an Enquiry About Results (EAR) on behalf of a single candidate or a whole cohort. It is imperative the centre has written permission from each candidate concerned before processing a request for clerical re-checks or a post results review of marking. The candidate must dully understand that their marks for a given assessment may change following a Service 1 or Service 2 EAR and this could result in a subject grade being raised or lowered

There are four EAR services available

1 Clerical Checks

2 Review of original marking

3 Review of original moderation

4 Access to scripts

*For more information regarding these services, please see the JCQ publication

Post Results Services


Appeals against External Assessments for External Qualifications

Candidates who want to query a mark/grade awarded to them upon issue of results should follow the following procedure;

1. Contact the Examinations Officer and the subject teacher as soon as possible

(at least 5 working days before the published deadline for EARs, in person to discuss the grade/mark. The Examinations officer will advise you of the options available to query the mark/grade and the cost involved.

2. Students should be aware that EARs can result in the marks/grades being raised, confirmed or lowered. Students must sign a consent form to confirm that they understand the consequence of an EAR. Consent forms will be issued by the Examinations Officer.

3. The request together with your consent form should be passed on to the Examinations Officer before the published deadline for EARs.

4. Who pays will be agreed between the candidate, subject teacher and Examinations Officer prior to the request being submitted to the Exam Board.

Access to scripts can be obtained by students for teaching and learning purposes. Fees may vary between the Exam Boards. The Examinations Officer will inform you of the cost involved. A signed request/consent form should be handed in to the Examinations Officer. (written consent via email is also acceptable.) Payment will be required upon receipt of the script and requests should be made at least 5 working days before the published deadline for Access to Scripts.

Cash payments should be for the exact amount and/or cheques made payable to

“The Education Fellowship-Wrenn”.