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May 182016


18th May 2016

I am so PROUD of all our students and staff at Wrenn Academy and as a parent you should feel PROUD too. Since Easter, everyone connected with Wrenn have been working diligently to make improvements in everything they do. Every year group from Year 7 through to Year 13 have raised their standards and made significant progress in the majority of their subjects. For the next few months of this academic year, all I ask is that every single student continues to work to the very best of their ability, but more importantly enjoy the journey along the way.  You hear in football “Theatre of Dreams” well Wrenn Academy has become our “Theatre of Dreams”, where every individual is trying to get the very best out of every lesson.

The government has set expectations for students and schools; they have systems in place to ensure they are being met. At Wrenn we are making the system as simple as possible; we expect ALL our students to realise their minimum expected progress in every subject, then raise their aspirations to achieve beyond what is expected. This is our definition of success and how we can be judged by the government and our community.

Our new staff who joined us around Easter:- Ms Raynor (Science), Ms Spencer (English), Mr Ismail (Science and Maths), Mr Mellor (Science), Ms White (Psychology), Ms Muckett (Psychology), Ms Gryspeerdt (ICT/Computing), Mr Hill (Art), Mr Collins (Mathematics) and our three new Teaching Assistant Ms Taylor, Ms Carvell and Ms Mainprize, have all made a great start and making a significant difference to the quality of learning our students receive. They have been fantastic additions to what I call a dream team of staff at Wrenn.

We have had some amazing successes over the last few months at Wrenn Academy, which you will all enjoy reading about when the next edition of Renaissance is released. Recently, the local authority advised us that in year 7 we will be full in September, with a projection in 2017 to be oversubscribed.

The future is bright the future is Wrenn! – join us in celebrating our student accomplishments and let’s look to support our young people in giving them the very best opportunities for them to achieve their dreams. Striving for excellence by raising aspirations is our theme for the next 9 weeks and I look forward to reading about the achievements of every year group in July

S. Elliott



 May 18, 2016