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The Role of a Governor

The Education Fellowship board is the governing body of all TEF schools. TEF retains an Academy Advisory Board (AAB) structure and welcomes the challenge, the support and advice that governing body provides to the Head teacher and the school. TEF appoint the Governors to the AAB.

The role of the AAB is vital for the day to day running of the school and they are local representatives for TEF in the school and the community. Our Governors know the local community, they know the school and they are uniquely placed to give the Head teacher the relevant support and advice.

Governors are responsible for links with the faculties, which they are required to report on at every meeting. This helps to ensure that attainment and progress and the strategies in place to achieve these are successful. Governors also attend Governors In-Days, which give them the opportunity to:

* Recognise and celebrate success
* Develop relationships with staff
* Get to know the students
* Understand the environment in which teachers are working
* See policies and/or schemes of work in action

This also gives teachers the opportunity to:

* Ensure the AAB understands the reality of the classroom
* Understand better the governors’ roles and responsibilities
* Have the opportunity to reflect on practice through discussion
* Highlight the need for particular resources

You may contact the Clerk of the Governors by emailing

Academy Advisory Board – appointed by TEF

  • Mr James Aldridge (Community Governor until 12/2018) – PPI Link
  • Steve Elliott (Principal/TEF)
  • Mr William E Mandeville (Community Governor until 09/2021) – Chair – Maths and SEN Link.
  • Mr Matthew Ellson (Community Governor until 09/2021) – English and Performance Link
  • Mrs Debbie Goodrum (Community Governor until 12/2018) – Extended Studies Link
  • Mr Desmond Watson (Community Governor until 09/2021)
  • Dr Roger Westcott (Community Governor until 09/2021) – Vice Chair -Safeguarding, Health & Safety, and Technology Link
  • Mr Michael Whitworth (Community Governor until 09/2021)
  • Mr Michael Stevens (Parent Governor until 10/2021)
  • Mrs Tina Mayes (Clerk to the Governors)


Academy Advisory Board Meeting Attendance – 2018-19 

Governors /Attendance 17/09/18 16/10/18 10/12/18 29/01/19 19/03/19 14/05/19 16/07/19
James Aldridge YES            
Steve Elliott (Principal) YES            
Matthew Ellson YES            
Debbie Goodrum YES            
William Mandeville YES            
Tina Mayes (Clerk) YES            
Michael Stevens YES            
Desmond Watson YES            
Roger Westcott APOLOGIES ACCEPTED            
Michael Whitworth YES            


 Teaching and Learning Committee – appointed by the AAB

Mr Steve Elliott (Principal)
Mr Matthew Ellson (Chair)
Mr Bill Mandeville
Mr Des Watson
Mr Michael Whitworth
Mrs Tina Mayes (Clerk)


Teaching and Learning Committee Meeting attendance – 2018-19

Governors /Attendance 06/11/18






Steve Elliott (Principal)      
Matthew Ellson      
Bill Mandeville      
Des Watson      
Michael Whitworth      
Tina Mayes (Clerk)      


Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Site Committee – appointed by the AAB

Mr James Aldridge
Mr Steve Elliott (Principal)
Mrs Debbie Goodrum
Dr Roger Westcott (Chair)
Mrs Tina Mayes (Clerk)
Mr Michael Stevens


Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Site Committee meeting attendance 2018-19

Governors /Attendance 08/10/18 22/01/19 30/04/19
James Aldridge      
Steve Elliott (Principal)      
Debbie Goodrum      
Michael Stevens      
Roger Westcott      
Tina Mayes (Clerk)      


Register of Interests

Mr James Aldridge – 2 children at Wrenn Academy
Mr Steve Elliott – None
Mr Matthew Ellson – 1 child at Wrenn Academy
Mrs Debbie Goodrum – None
Mr William E Mandeville – None
Mr Michael Stevens – 1 child at Wrenn Academy
Mr Des Watson – 1 child at Wrenn Academy
Dr Roger Westcott – None
Mr Michael Whitworth – 1 child at Wrenn Academy
Mrs Tina Mayes – None