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Feb 292016

I would like to share with you some exciting news that has been happening at Wrenn Academy along with some sensational developments.

Firstly, on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 the Lord Lieutenant of Northampton David Laing sent two of his Deputies, Lady Robinson and Martin Gaskell to find out how Wrenn students are enjoying their education experience in and out of school. Quite simply I will let you read the following extracts from their thank you letter:

“Thank you for all the time and effort you put into arranging the visit of myself and Lady Robinson yesterday.  We were able to gain a very good impression of the school and what we saw was very impressive.

Wrenn School is a credit to everyone involved: the positive and dynamic environment; the friendly and welcoming atmosphere; the openness and confidence of the pupils we met; the commitment to improving academic achievements, alongside real inclusivity; and developing centres of excellence. Wellingborough should certainly be proud to have such a school at its heart and to be singing its praises.

When one visits a school such as yours, one does feel that the tide has turned in terms of the educational opportunities for young people, and there needs to be wider appreciation of these changed attitudes and ambitions.”

We will always welcome the Queen’s representative in the County to any future visits to our Academy.  I think you will agree heart-warming comments such as these, show that the students of Wrenn are a credit to the Academy and the community they live in.

Secondly, our Academy students are hitting new heights at Volleyball tournaments across all age ranges within the county. Our fabulous results this year are even more remarkable as we only have our small gym in which to practice our skills, whereas opposing teams have huge sports halls. We are quickly turning into a Centre of Excellence for Volleyball and will need to make space in our display cabinet to accommodate the prospect of winning at least 7 trophies. Congratulations go out to the PE staff and students who have been so successful this season.

Finally, The Education Fellowship has agreed to install electronic pull out lecture style seating in the Doddington Road Hall, which will allow a multitude of uses for staff and students. We are really thrilled at the prospect of providing exciting master classes in a variety of subjects, giving our students high quality teaching from our inspiring teachers. However, there will be some slight disruption, as we will have to close the Doddington Road Hall, Drama Room and Inclusion Unit for 4 days before we break up for the Easter holidays. We will find alternatives for serving lunch and teaching PE lessons, so please be patient with us.  This is to ensure that the crucial work can be carried out in preparation for the seating to be fitted over the Easter Holidays.

The Education Fellowship has also given us the go ahead to redevelop our second catering suite with modern equipment, giving our students opportunities to learn and cook like ‘master chefs’. We will also be taking delivery of 2 new mini buses in early May which will help to transport our students in comfort on the many extra–curricular activities we offer.

Our 6th form and year 11 students are preparing for their summer exams and Wrenn Academy has introduced a wide-ranging programme of intervention from 3.15pm – 5.00pm every day. All students have the opportunity to attend the extensive range of sessions put on by our ever hardworking, dedicated and ambitious staff.  We are raising the expectations and aspirations of all our students and we want you to play an important part in getting the best outcomes, by encouraging your child to attend the after school sessions and helping them to revise at home.

Steve Elliott


 February 29, 2016