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Institute of Engineering Trip 2016


On Thursday 6 October 11 year 7 students travelled to London to take part in the Institute of Engineering and Technology Festival of Engineering.

This event was held at Savoy Place.  Mr Byatt expertly navigated his way through London and we were all impressed with the venue – it had amazing views across the Thames towards the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and St Pauls.

The day started with lots of ‘hands on’ activities including changing a bike wheel, designing aeroplane wings and making torches.  We then had a presentation from Fran Scott – the CBeebies science presenter.  There were lots of explosive demonstrations (literally!) and Miss Baigent and Rania took part in one experiment too!

After lunch we were involved in a workshop where, in teams, we had to make a battery powered car and judge how much to charge it in order for it to stop in a designated area.

The whole day was great fun and really made us think about how engineering comes into everything.

Please take a look at the many photos in the gallery below.