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Jan 252017

As the 27th January 2017 is Holocaust Memorial Day, Paul Croft, from the Holocaust Memorial Day Committee in Wellingborough, delivered an assembly to the entire sixth form to talk about how we can all learn lessons from the past.

He told us that between the years of 1941 and 1945, the Nazi Party persecuted European Jews which resulted in the murder of millions of people including children. Now, to this day, society has pockets of groups that acts of violence are taken against out of cold blood.

To commemorate the Holocaust there are some local events happening in Wellingborough:

* Wednesday 25th – Saturday 28th: Exhibition at Swansgate Shopping Centre

* Saturday 28th: Play and Presentation at Wellingborough Museum at 10:30

* Sunday 29th: Commemorative service at Swanspool Gardens at 2pm.

Article by Jess year 13



 January 25, 2017