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Nov 272015

Well, it’s certainly been an eventful first term! We were visited by the DfE on the 18th November and they recognised that Wrenn has greatly improved, compared to last year, and they witnessed a complete change of climate where students are more engaged, resilient; showing a high work rate and higher aspirations. Our student senate told the DfE that they are proud to be part of the improvements at Wrenn. They also recognised the importance of good attendance and they particularly liked the improvements in teaching and that our culture now is “we are now expected to….”.

This is all down to the hard work and commitment of our fantastic staff and students.

The caveat to this great news for the school is that there are a couple of subject areas in which I am urgently seeking high quality staff and I can promise everyone, that over the next few months I will be giving up all my spare time to recruit good and outstanding teachers in these subjects. It is no secret that there is a severe shortage of teachers in the UK and that Northampton County is the worse area in which to recruit staff. I will not let that be an excuse for our shortage, in fact I see it as a personal challenge.

The open evening that we held on the 1st October for Year 5 and Year 6 students was extremely well attended with around 580 families coming to see the Wrennaisance at Wrenn Academy. I received very positive comments on the night and even more from the 130 families who booked to see the school on several tours that occurred in the following days. We had students from 42 different junior schools and it was a pleasure meeting so many of our future stars. Our sixth form Open Evening was also well attended, over 200 parents came to see and hear about the new vibe around Wrenn and the exciting opportunities for all students .

We have raised significant amounts of money for good causes over the term – Macmillan Cancer, Children in Need, Build a School in Zimbabwe and local charities. This shows how caring and supportive our students and parents are in helping others in need. Thank you for all your contributions.

Christmas is fast approaching and the year 11 and 13 students are already working hard during their extra intervention and revision sessions in preparation for their life changing exams. Education is the key to success and better life opportunities and if our year 11 and 13 students are not working to their full potential I urge them to start NOW.

With Christmas comes the festivities, but may I take an opportunity to remind us all that it is about “thinking of others”. We all want the presents, the good food, the fun, the entertainment and to spend quality time with others. However, my Christmas message to us all is to try and take the time to go out of your way and do something extraordinary that brings the gift of joy to someone else.

I am sure the New Year will see Wrenn grow from strength to strength and with your continued support we will have a successful and very enjoyable learning experience.

“Merry Christmas Everyone”.

 November 27, 2015