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Harry Potter trip


In February, some year 9 students went on a trip to Harry Potter Studios with the art and design department. Whilst on the trip we had a tour around the studios and learnt about the making of the Harry Potter films.

Before we went, we had no idea how many jobs were involved in the making of the Harry Potter films. Not only were there actors, directors and producers, there were also set designers, costume designers, special effect teams and many many more. Each individual wand box in Ollivanders had a hand written label, as did the hundreds of potion bottles that lined the walls in the potion classes. Every wand was hand crafted and there were hand painted murals left to fade under the lighting, as if they had aged.

We saw many of the sets, including Dumbledore’s office and the Gryffindor common room. We also saw the many wigs and costumes worn throughout the films; including the variations of the outfit Harry wore in Deathly Hallows part one, each getting gradually dirtier and more torn.

In one film alone 2,317 people were involved in making it and 1,301 of those were part of the visual effects team. This trip has opened our eyes to many more jobs we never knew existed and the experience has encouraged us to explore some these careers in more depth.  Melanie Bettles