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Masterchef 2016


This year marked the second, Rotary-sponsored Masterchef competition at Wrenn Academy, and what a success it was!

The competition accepted 50 entries, split into two groups, the pupils were asked to create a ‘dish that would impress’.
From homemade gnocchi to traditional Polish fare, the skillset of the pupils was outstanding.
Competitors were then required to demonstrate their technical skills through making shortcrust pastry and swiss roll; the array of creative approaches was striking and the natural ability of many competitors impressive.
As the weeks progressed, we had to say goodbye to a number of competitors and on Tuesday 20th December, we held the grand final for ten of our best cooks.
Amongst other dignitaries and notable persons, Ken Harrington (ex-mayor of Wellingborough) joined us in the final heat.

The judges noted the exceptional calibre of our competitors and the vast number of dishes that were verging on perfection! Finally, the competitors were asked to create a dish of their choice that would impress the judges, after much deliberation, Jess Morin (Year 8) took first place for her full-flavoured, creative and exceptionally skilful take on a bread-based sharing platter with dips. We very much look forward to holding an even bigger and better competition in 12 months’ time to find our next Masterchef!