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Barclaycard Trip October 2016


Report Written by Karina, a Student.

STEM Technology Day

On Thursday 13 October 2016 a group of Year 8 students visited Barclaycard in Northampton.

We first had a presentation and introduction which told us how credit cards have changed over time and how they have improved. After a short break we were given a presentation about future jobs in IT – this is a huge area which is developing rapidly. We also had a very interactive session provided by the Cambridge Science Centre – we had to push a skewer through an inflated balloon without it bursting! Following this we had a tour of the Barclaycard building, which is absolutely huge. We saw how they split the offices into areas – it is a very futuristic environment.

After lunch – which was pizza – we spent time programming a robot. We had to programme it so that it followed a particular course. We then had a workshop where we had to design our own company and service/product. We had to consider what employees we would need, what skills and qualifications they would need and how we would go about recruiting them.

Overall I enjoyed this trip as it was packed with information. If anyone is looking for an IT based career, Barclaycard would certainly be a possible option.