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Feb 102017

10th February 2017


Christmas has come and gone, a new year is well under way and we are already in February.   I have been incredibly proud of our students, staff and Governors who have all worked hard together as a team.  Our staff in particular continue to work tirelessly to ensure we keep delivering an education that gives our students the best chance in life.  We will continue to grow and lay the foundations for a new Wrenn and demand nothing but the best from everyone. 

I am extremely proud of you, our parents, and particularly grateful for the many messages of support for our staff through emails, cards, letters, phone calls and the two boxes of biscuits which were given anonymously.  Thank you.  We see our parents as a central partner in assisting us to raise the expectations and aspirations of all our students. It is a triangle of support and we all know triangles provide strength.  We want all our students to believe that they can achieve beyond the expectations (TAG) as set by the DfE based on the key stage two exam scores.

Our hard work starts now and all our students need to be aware of key exams coming up.  For Year 11 it’s their mocks, followed closely by their final GCSE summer exams.  Our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 will need to focus on the next interim tests at CP3, looking to achieve their full potential (MEG) in all their subjects.  Finally our Sixth formers, who have life changing exams starting in May which will ultimately lead to greater opportunities in the future.  We have a new saying at Wrenn: “Energy flows where intention goes”.  The intention to revise, complete homework, attend booster sessions, a 100% focus in every lesson and a positive belief that will create an enthusiastic energy that will flow through every subject leading to successful outcomes.  We are fully aware that exam season is a stressful time for parents and that it can be hard to know how to support your child’s learning.  Our advice is that you try to engage in the process as much as possible, and we are here every day to offer our support for you.  Look out for the revision session evenings that will be available for parents, which will highlight key strategies to boost your child’s grades.

We have made some terrific new appointments – Miss Smith in English and Mr McGowan as Curriculum Leader in Science, who will join us after Easter.  We have also appointed Mrs Crawley as Curriculum Leader of English who started this role in February.  We also welcome Mr Hawdon and Mr Mallett in English and Miss Johnson in Technology who are taking their full teaching qualifications with us, on their personal journey into the teaching profession.  We also welcome Mr Spacey in Maths, a previous Wrenn student, who will be with us until June.  These inspirational teachers, who really care about our students, will ensure that every child’s talents are nurtured and progress in all subjects is rapid.

Our students constantly surprise us with their achievements and successes in and out of the classroom.  Those of you, who came to watch the Lion King production, would all agree that the talent on show was sensational.  No doubt some of our young actors and actresses will adorn the stages of the West End in the future.  Our Year 7 boys were triumphant in the final of the district basketball tournament and our Year 7 girls just lost in their final, losing the game in the last 3 seconds. I must congratulate all the players involved, as this was a brilliant achievement by both of our teams. 

Our careers and future choices events for all year groups lower down the school have been a huge success, Thank you to the parents who have written into school with their positive feedback.  We strive to ensure that all our students get the best information, advice and guidance to help them with their career choices.

It leaves me to say a happy holiday to all our students, parents and carers and we are looking forward to the next leg of our journey.

Proud to be Wrenn

Steve Elliott




 February 10, 2017