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Extra-Curricular 2017-2018

ActivityYear GroupsRoomTime
Film Making7 & 821Monday Lunchtime
Maths Foundation Booster9-11A17Tues/Weds 3:15-4pm
Maths Higher Booster9-11A19Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Maths booster7 & 814Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Maths Puzzle Club7 & 813Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Business Studies Surgery9-11AC2Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Chess ClubAll yearsA16Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Book Club7 & 83Tuesday 3:15-4pm
English Support Clinic (Higher)11A13Tuesday 3:15-4pm
English Support Clinic (Foundation)10A14Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Creative Writing AS11A13Wednesday 3:15-4pm
English Support Foundation11A14Wednesday 3:15-4pm
English Support Higher10A12Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Debating Society9-11A3Monday 3:15-4pm
EAL Prep Club7-118Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Art Club7 & 828Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Master ChefTBA
Technology ClubTBA
Art Support9AA1Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Art Support10-11AA4Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Food Support9-11AT4Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Graphics Support9-11AT6Wednesday 3:15-4pm and Friday 3:15-4pm
Product Design Support9-11AT3Friday 3:15-4pm
Intevention groups for Languages11A6Tuesday 3:15-4pm
MFL Games7 & 86Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Horrible Humanities7 & 82Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Exam Surgery9-11A10Friday 3:15-4pm
It's Showtime: Stage make-up and designAll YearsA1Tuesday Lunchtime
Quiet work space9-11AT6Every Lunchtime
PE Grade Booster9-11A5Friday 3:30-4:30pm
Science Club7 & 8S1Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Science Support9-11AS2Wednesday 3:15-4pm