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Course Summary

In the context of Spanish and French speaking countries, students are encouraged to develop their language skills in the four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We use authentic materials as much as possible and bring the Spanish/French language and culture alive in the classroom by sharing experiences with students. Students have the opportunity to visit the country too. Spontaneous talk in the language is encouraged and activities are developed with this in mind. Students also use translation exercises. Languages contribute greatly to the development of literacy through understanding and application of key grammatical structures. Students gradually develop a sense of tenses (present/ past and future) and are encouraged to be creative and independent, using with the language they have learnt to communicate their points of view.

What will students learn?

The content of the course ranges from the themes of family, friends and where you live, to free time and hobbies, going out, healthy living and holidays. Within these themes students have the opportunity to explore the culture of Spain/ France as well as Spanish/French speaking countries. Students are encouraged to work independently, in pairs and in groups. The use of ICT, enhances the opportunities for students to develop in the four skill areas and gain confidence in communicating in the language.

How will students be assessed?

Teacher assessments take place after each unit of work. Each unit focuses on various linguistic skill areas which are used to assess progress. Where the assessments are spoken or written, students are expected to spend homework time preparing for them and will take the assessments in lessons. The assessments involve tests, pieces of individual written work and peer-assessed group speaking.


Homework is set at least once a week and will vary in content depending on the unit of work studied at the time. Work set for homework may include vocabulary learning , spelling tests, independent research, reading comprehension tasks, worksheets, project-based tasks or extended writing tasks. Students should expect to spend at least 30 minutes per week on their homework task.