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CORE Physical Education

Course Summary

You will receive three compulsory lessons per fortnight in a range of practical activities and leadership opportunities. The leadership opportunities will often be sport specific and are accredited by the National Governing Body. You may be given the opportunity to take a Level 2 Sports Leaders UK award. There will be leadership opportunities for you with local Primary Schools and to be an official in the School Games. You will continue to develop more advanced tactics in games, and have access to other activities and equipment. You will be able to opt each half term with the activity or qualification you wish to gain. Groups will be mixed by ability and gender.

What will students learn?

Year 10

  • Sept –Oct: you will select from: Rugby Leadership, Volleyball, Fitness
  • October - Dec: you will select from: Table Tennis, Rugby ,or Hockey Leadership.
  • Jan- Feb: you will select from: Basketball, Badminton or Volleyball Umpires Award.
  • Feb – April: you will select from: Dodgeball, Table Tennis Umpire Award, Volleyball
  • April – May: you will select from; Football, Tennis, Striking Activities, Rounders Officiating Award.
  • June- July: Rounders, Softball, Tennis Leaders, Athletics


Year 11

  • Sept – Oct: You will select from, Football, Rugby, Badminton, Basketball
  • Oct – Dec: You will select from; Fitness, Volleyball, Hockey
  • Jan-Feb: You will select from: OAA/Teambuilding, Volleyball Officiating Award, Football, Basketball
  • Feb-April: You will select from: Dodgeball, Netball, Table Tennis,
  • April-June: You will select from: Rounders, Tennis, Basketball, Fitness/Gym

How will students be assessed?

You will be given an effort grade for each census point, 1-4 which follows the school policy.


You will be given a range of opportunities across each half term to select activities which suit your needs. Specialist equipment is available to make activities suitable for all abilities.