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What will students learn?

Year 7

  • Topics covered in Year 7 include:
  • Safety, skills and cells
  • Energy
  • Elements and compounds and reactions
  • Organ systems
  • Electricity
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Respiration, gas exchange and drugs
  • Forces
  • Metals
  • Diet and health
  • Energy transfer
  • Separating mixtures
  • Interdependence

Year 8

  • Electric & magnetic fields and magnetism
  • Metal reactions and extraction
  • Plant growth
  • Waves: sound
  • Rates of reaction and groups 7
  • The skeleton
  • Waves: Light
  • The Earth and the atmosphere
  • Microbes
  • Light cont. / Space
  • Earth science: Rocks/ Combustion and oxidation
  • Reproduction in plants/ Genetics and inheritance.
  • Working Scientifically

Year 9

  • The structure of the atom , physical trends and composites
  • Crop production and ecology
  • Forces and speed
  • Working Scientifically
  • Preparation for GCSE
  • Begin GCSE course after assessment

How will students be assessed?

The science department at Wrenn Academy uses the website to support pupils with their learning. This includes extension quizzes and supporting information on PowerPoints. Pupil can obtain their log in details from their science teacher or the Science department prep room.


There are a variety of different instruments available for students to play. Teachers will also support and challenge students by choosing appropriate music for them to read. For the most able they will be expected to read notation