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Physical Education lessons at KS3 will help to prepare you for GSCE, BTEC and A-level PE at KS4 and KS5. However, it will also play a part in teaching you how to lead a healthy active lifestyle which will be important for every individual student.

Throughout your time at Wrenn you will be taught the following during your Physical Education lessons. For different abilities and year groups these components will be taught at different times, however all students will be taught them in Yr 7, 8 and 9.

  • use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games [for example, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby and tennis]
  • develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports [for example, athletics and gymnastics]
  • perform dances using advanced dance techniques within a range of dance styles and forms
  • take part in outdoor and adventurous activities which present intellectual and physical challenges and be encouraged to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group
  • analyse their performances compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best
  • take part in competitive sports and activities outside school through community links or sports clubs.

What will students learn?

Year 7

When you join in year 7 you will have the opportunity to show us what skills you have. In the first 4 weeks of your PE lessons you will experience a wide range of activities including Games, Gymnastics and Health Related Fitness. From what you show us here you will then be put into your working group where you will then follow 9 week blocks of work. During these lessons you will have the chance to develop new skills and understanding related to specific sports and activities such as Football, Basketball, Rugby, Netball, Outdoor and Adventurous activities, Rounder’s, Cricket and Athletics.



Year 8

 In year 8 you will continue to develop skills that you have learnt in year 7 along with accessing new activities. You will combine a bigger range of skills during individual performances and games activities. Your knowledge of specific tactics for individual sports and activities will also begin to develop.

Year 9

Year 9 work will begin to show you what is expected of a GCSE PE student. You may be faced with having to answer a GCSE exam question in your lessons or be asked to lead a small group of your peers in a particular activity. However, you will also have the chance to develop further skills in both familiar and unfamiliar activities. In familiar activities such as Netball and Basketball we will expect you to be able to play full sided games and apply tactics and strategies to help your team to be successful.


How will students be assessed?

You will be assessed in a variety of different ways. Firstly you will have an ongoing assessment of your achievement every lesson, this will be done practically, verbally and through some written homework. This will assess your understanding of the activity; how you apply the skills you have learnt in the activity and how well you can evaluate what you and other people are doing. At the end of each census point you will also have a written assessment that focuses on a particular theoretical element. These include:

  • Bones, Muscles and Joints
  • Cardio-vascular system
  • Respiratory system

This will give you an opportunity to show your overall knowledge in a written format. These two methods of assessment will then be put together and you will then be given an overall level.


Within PE you will firstly be put into a group that we feel will support your abilities to the best that we can.

For the most able students we run a Gifted and Talented programme where these students attend sessions at Bedford University. Within lessons Gifted and Talented students will be able to access high level work. They will often to be asked to take on a leadership role on to develop their skills and understanding further. This will require them to apply their knowledge and abilities in a different way.

If you require more support in PE we will ensure that there is a range of equipment that you can use to help you be successful. You will also be provided with different tasks that will allow you to assess the activity that you are doing. There are also a variety of roles that you can take on other than a performer. For example you may be an excellent coach, official or sports analyst.


You will have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge further by attending extra-curricular clubs and playing for the school teams. Clubs are open to all students.

To develop your knowledge further you can access websites such as:

BBC Sport Academy