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Mar 212016

All 12 of our EPQ students spoke confidently to their audience this week about the project they have independently studied and it was fantastic to sit and hear about 12 completely different topics.  The breadth of knowledge was outstanding and everyone present definitely felt they had learnt something new at the end of the presentations.

Some photos are below.

Jayme Matthews– “Breastfeeding is one of the most talked about subjects. Investigate the controversial, generational and cultural attitudes towards breastfeeding. Where do these attitudes stem from? Why have they been formed?
Rubina Begum– “Is the death penalty an effective and morally justifiable sanction in a liberal democracy? Case study USA 2000-2015”
Mati Jaskolski– Should prisons aim to rehabilitate or to punish the prisoners?
Luke Dunnill– How does the representation of madness differ in the Renaissance and Victorian literary period when compared to current understanding?
Caroline Bettles– Examine the ways in which classical philosophy has impacted on modern society.
Rachel Tonks – “Produce a piece of artwork in the form of an acrylic painting depicting Juliet from the balcony scene of “Rome and Juliet”, that is representative of Pre-Raphaelite art”.
Maddy Morgan– Create a media campaign for a charity event.
Annabella Costatino– To create a contemporary short story artefact within the limit of 7,500 words.
Nazmin Uddin– Should current legislation in regards to UK abortion law be changed?
Alex Leadbitter- To what extent is music the defining characteristic of youth subcultures since the 1950s?
Georgia Durkin– To be able to plan, organize, promote and run an event efficiently for a target audience of 11-13 year olds receiving positive feedback from the students
Daisy Ward– I will create an opening sequence in the style of David Fincher for a film called, ‘The Collector’.

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 March 21, 2016