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Why We Get Brain Freeze

We get brain freeze because there is the ice mixing with a your nerves that sends shock signals to the brain in our head. If you eat too much of a frozen or very cold substance it feels like you have a frozen brain but actually it is just your nerves being played with and the signals wear off after a little or long period of time depending on the intake of the cold or freezing substance and how long that you’ve been eating or drinking it.

By Hailie-louise

Galaxy Send in

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the moon or what you can find there?  Have you ever wondered if there is life on the moon? Well, England is sending a robotic probe to the moon. A probe is a machine (robot) designed to explore the galaxy, to bring back information about the world out there. In 2025 a probe will be launched into space. This mission is purely based on public donations. So far they’ve raised £600 000 but they obviously need more as the amount they need is £500 million. So that’s about …. Well a lot of pounds left.

I’ve asked students and staff from Wrenn what they would send if they had the opportunity to send an item or a being to the moon.

“A cat so they can jump around on the moon. I would also send mice to the moon so the cats can chase them.”  (Amy)


“A wallaby because it’s different!”  (Tamar)

Well that sounds fun…Anyway carrying on

“I wonder if my sister would fit in there…” (Julia)

I wonder if mine would fit too.

“I’d send a picture of myself. Why? Because aliens would love me.” (Felicity)

My response: Funny! Great banter.

“I’d send a cow to be able to make moon ice-cream!”

That is a wonderful idea. I wonder how it would taste like….

And finally the responsible approach: “I’d send traffic because I hate being stuck in it.”

Okay, well I partly agree but how would one fit traffic in such a small compartment.



Will it Snow

I have been to Bangladesh two times in my life.  I do not remember much about the first time as I was only three years old.  The second time I went to Bangladesh I was nine and celebrated my tenth birthday over there. The second time I went was for my sister’s weddings. The journey was really uncomfortable because I was wearing Asian clothes and it was very hot and I was not used to wearing Asian clothes for sixteen hours.  When we got to Mumbai airport I went and changed my clothes as I found out I was going to stay at the airport for eight hours!  At the airport I remember buying some noodles which were very nice but I could not finish them as they were too spicy.  We arrived at Sylhet airport and as soon as we exited the airport I could see unfortunate people standing at the gates crying for food and money. I saw my uncle and cousin waiting for us, we then got inside the car and left to go to my village. I was sitting directly under the air conditioning as we were going I saw a KFC in Dhaka which was very surprising. When we were next to my village we went to a restaurant and ate curry. Then our journey began again I could smell natural smells spices and the drought. I could feel the heat on my back and legs. In Bangladesh I would have to have a shower every day because it felt like I was walking in my sweat. It was really hot so whenever the current went I would scream because there would be no fan. It has never snowed in Bangladesh.

Christmas-What Does It Mean To Us?

When Christmas comes, near, what do you do?

Rush out to by presents? Start decorating your house? Or maybe even start writing cards?

The original purpose of Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Christ, but, like the buildings around us, the clothes that people wear, and the hands that we see before us, it too has evolved with time-but why? When you see people today, they are swarming around, heads caught in a miasma of time devouring, mindinfo (1 consuming duties that they feel they must do, whereas if you rewind 400 years, the people were mostly consumed with laborious work in fields. However, one thing they were lacking many years ago, approximately millennia ago, was science. Curiosity is in human nature, and without science or an explanation, they were more likely to believe in this religion. I’m certainly not saying God and Jesus aren’t real, but I would like to know whether they should both be believed. Because, why not?

Approximately a century ago, religion was viewed as a ritual, which left you without a choice, or opinion, a purely human liberation. On the contrary, the definition of a religion is belief in something that hasn’t been proved; possibly rarer than you’d think. Nowadays, people don’t even have time to consider things like this.

What is the point in religion without science? But what is the point of science without religion? Who says you can’t believe in both?

People have said that the purpose of religion is to look for a meaning and an answer. In addition to this, when you scrawl answers on tests, teachers always ask for an explanation on your answer.

As you read this, maybe you should consider this. Why not?


By Martha, BBC School News Reporter

Irfan Masters Visit


The legendary Irfan master has visited Wrenn School and has answered the following questions:

1. What was your inspiration for your books?

2. How long does it take to write a book?

3. Where did he get the idea of writing his second Book?

4. When was his first book published?

5. When did he become an author?

6. Where did he get his ideas from?


The answers to these questions are;

1. He said “His grandfather because he told him stories and just got his ideas from that. His grandfather lives in part Asia in India”.

2. Irfan master “It took a couple of years to write his book2.

3. He said “I wrote my book out of my heart”.

4. His first book was published in 2011

5. He became an author around 2009

6. He get his ideas from people, history, family and everywhere else.

By Nabeel

A successful author gives an important message to Wrenn School.

‘Never lose ability in yourself and always believe in your potential.’ These are the words of a successful author, Irfan Master who came to Wrenn School to talk to some of our year 7 pupils. Irfan Master wrote a book called ‘A Beautiful Lie’. He also talked to us about his childhood. The thing that stuck most in my head is the story about him when he was in secondary school none of the teachers really believed in him except one teacher Mr Gray, and when Irfan was leaving school Mr Gray wasn’t there but he gave him his address and he sent letters from time to time. But then Irfan stopped writing and when his book was published he wrote again, but he thought Mr Gray wouldn’t write back and wouldn’t remember him, but he did and he remembered after 15 years. That was an important message to me because when he was a child the teachers didn’t believe in in him and that tells us that we should never give up and never lose faith in ourselves, even if everyone around us doesn’t believe in us. This message gives us an example of a person who didn’t lose faith in himself even though others did and shows us how powerful we can be if that would happen to us.

BBC School Reporter.

Welcome Back!

The BBC News School Report team are back on line again. Some new faces, fresh ideas and great ideas for news stories.

Mrs Walsh is heading up the team, joined by BBC Radio Northampton producer and reporter Tom Percival.