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The BBC to visit Wrenn

BBC_logoOn Tuesday 8th March a BBC film crew will be coming to Wrenn to join forces with the Wrenn BBC School News Report Team to do a feature on vlogging which dependant on world events and the BBC schedule will hopefully appear on BBC breakfast news a few days after.
Watch this space for further news.

News Day

Students from Wrenn will be making the news for real on 10 March 2016 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1400 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later. In the meantime, take a look at what our students produced last year.

Be Wary, Not Scary

One of literature’s most important prizes has gone to a book called ‘The Bunker Diaries’ named a ‘vile’ teen book by critics. This is a result of drugging, murder, attempted rape and control, and, although it sounds very dark, I read the synopsis and I was surprised to find myself interested. However, some critics say that teen fiction is becoming too dark, despite the award.

A Wrenn School pupil called Amber says that “Children should know about what happens, and if something happens, they should understand.”

Similar to Amber, another pupil called Quddos says “What if it happens to them and they don’t know?”

bunker diary

To be honest, I agree: Why should children be kept away from this? One day we’ll all be adults, and we might not live with our parents. We’ll be responsible, and we should be educated on the dark possibilities. Because, if they grew up thinking the world was full of unicorns, that we could go round to anyone’s houses or that everyone was our best friend, then, as tempting as it would be to believe, it wouldn’t be true. Although many people may disagree, and I respect that, making a child aware of the real, non-Cbeebies land, may protect them from what is really there.

Despite everything I have just said, I don’t believe that small children should be bombarded with these subjects. Things like swear words? I think that it is OK for them to be occasionally demonstrated in the right context. Not thrown about because it seems funny. It certainly isn’t funny when it becomes offensive.

Do you prefer a happy ending? Or a sad ending? Or does it not matter, so long as it’s a good book?


By Martha

Inspiration for the story on food banks.

Whilst browsing through CBBC newsround online I found a story that caught my eye as soon as I spotted it. It was about this woman in San Francisco called Doenice Sandoval of the charity Lava Mae who had got funding to turn a bus into a place where homeless people can wash.

Doenice was inspired to make the buses when she saw a young woman on the street who was crying that she would never be clean.

The funding came from Google’s ‘Global Impact Challenge’ which supports charities to help them impact the world. They funded the project by giving Lava Mae $100,000 to make the bus.

Doenice Sandoval hopes that she can get more buses converted.

I think that this project will be beneficial for all the users because it means that they will be able to keep a lot cleaner and be more employable as a result.

Think how you would feel if you couldn’t have a simple thing like a wash and always smelling? Try and do your bit to change the world one step at a time.



By Meg

BBC Broadcasting Centre Trip

11 students from the Wrenn BBC News School report team enjoyed a great day out in London at the BBC broadcasting Centre. Aswell as an excellent tour round the famous building, they also participated in some news broadcasts and radio plays.

DSC00237 DSC00238 DSC00245 DSC00251 DSC00259 DSC00262



Editor. Lewis’s Review of News Day

27.04.14. Lewis’s Review of the News Day

BBC school report news day


This is my second year at BBC school report and this year I have the best and hardest job for the day, the editor. As editor I have to do lots of different jobs, I had to pick the jobs of what everyone does and keep everyone doing what they have to do.

This year BBC school report has been the best year so far as I have more to do and not just me but our school report team have been able to do more to make our report day the best as we have had more people helping out and more reporters in the team. Because of this there is no one that can’t do what they don’t want to as we have more people.

I really hope that we can do this next year because it can give us more of a feel of what the world of news is like.