Inspiration for the story on food banks.

Whilst browsing through CBBC newsround online I found a story that caught my eye as soon as I spotted it. It was about this woman in San Francisco called Doenice Sandoval of the charity Lava Mae who had got funding to turn a bus into a place where homeless people can wash.

Doenice was inspired to make the buses when she saw a young woman on the street who was crying that she would never be clean.

The funding came from Google’s ‘Global Impact Challenge’ which supports charities to help them impact the world. They funded the project by giving Lava Mae $100,000 to make the bus.

Doenice Sandoval hopes that she can get more buses converted.

I think that this project will be beneficial for all the users because it means that they will be able to keep a lot cleaner and be more employable as a result.

Think how you would feel if you couldn’t have a simple thing like a wash and always smelling? Try and do your bit to change the world one step at a time.



By Meg