Will it Snow

I have been to Bangladesh two times in my life.  I do not remember much about the first time as I was only three years old.  The second time I went to Bangladesh I was nine and celebrated my tenth birthday over there. The second time I went was for my sister’s weddings. The journey was really uncomfortable because I was wearing Asian clothes and it was very hot and I was not used to wearing Asian clothes for sixteen hours.  When we got to Mumbai airport I went and changed my clothes as I found out I was going to stay at the airport for eight hours!  At the airport I remember buying some noodles which were very nice but I could not finish them as they were too spicy.  We arrived at Sylhet airport and as soon as we exited the airport I could see unfortunate people standing at the gates crying for food and money. I saw my uncle and cousin waiting for us, we then got inside the car and left to go to my village. I was sitting directly under the air conditioning as we were going I saw a KFC in Dhaka which was very surprising. When we were next to my village we went to a restaurant and ate curry. Then our journey began again I could smell natural smells spices and the drought. I could feel the heat on my back and legs. In Bangladesh I would have to have a shower every day because it felt like I was walking in my sweat. It was really hot so whenever the current went I would scream because there would be no fan. It has never snowed in Bangladesh.