Galaxy Send in

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the moon or what you can find there?  Have you ever wondered if there is life on the moon? Well, England is sending a robotic probe to the moon. A probe is a machine (robot) designed to explore the galaxy, to bring back information about the world out there. In 2025 a probe will be launched into space. This mission is purely based on public donations. So far they’ve raised £600 000 but they obviously need more as the amount they need is £500 million. So that’s about …. Well a lot of pounds left.

I’ve asked students and staff from Wrenn what they would send if they had the opportunity to send an item or a being to the moon.

“A cat so they can jump around on the moon. I would also send mice to the moon so the cats can chase them.”  (Amy)


“A wallaby because it’s different!”  (Tamar)

Well that sounds fun…Anyway carrying on

“I wonder if my sister would fit in there…” (Julia)

I wonder if mine would fit too.

“I’d send a picture of myself. Why? Because aliens would love me.” (Felicity)

My response: Funny! Great banter.

“I’d send a cow to be able to make moon ice-cream!”

That is a wonderful idea. I wonder how it would taste like….

And finally the responsible approach: “I’d send traffic because I hate being stuck in it.”

Okay, well I partly agree but how would one fit traffic in such a small compartment.