Christmas-What Does It Mean To Us?

When Christmas comes, near, what do you do?

Rush out to by presents? Start decorating your house? Or maybe even start writing cards?

The original purpose of Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Christ, but, like the buildings around us, the clothes that people wear, and the hands that we see before us, it too has evolved with time-but why? When you see people today, they are swarming around, heads caught in a miasma of time devouring, mindinfo (1 consuming duties that they feel they must do, whereas if you rewind 400 years, the people were mostly consumed with laborious work in fields. However, one thing they were lacking many years ago, approximately millennia ago, was science. Curiosity is in human nature, and without science or an explanation, they were more likely to believe in this religion. I’m certainly not saying God and Jesus aren’t real, but I would like to know whether they should both be believed. Because, why not?

Approximately a century ago, religion was viewed as a ritual, which left you without a choice, or opinion, a purely human liberation. On the contrary, the definition of a religion is belief in something that hasn’t been proved; possibly rarer than you’d think. Nowadays, people don’t even have time to consider things like this.

What is the point in religion without science? But what is the point of science without religion? Who says you can’t believe in both?

People have said that the purpose of religion is to look for a meaning and an answer. In addition to this, when you scrawl answers on tests, teachers always ask for an explanation on your answer.

As you read this, maybe you should consider this. Why not?


By Martha, BBC School News Reporter