A successful author gives an important message to Wrenn School.

‘Never lose ability in yourself and always believe in your potential.’ These are the words of a successful author, Irfan Master who came to Wrenn School to talk to some of our year 7 pupils. Irfan Master wrote a book called ‘A Beautiful Lie’. He also talked to us about his childhood. The thing that stuck most in my head is the story about him when he was in secondary school none of the teachers really believed in him except one teacher Mr Gray, and when Irfan was leaving school Mr Gray wasn’t there but he gave him his address and he sent letters from time to time. But then Irfan stopped writing and when his book was published he wrote again, but he thought Mr Gray wouldn’t write back and wouldn’t remember him, but he did and he remembered after 15 years. That was an important message to me because when he was a child the teachers didn’t believe in in him and that tells us that we should never give up and never lose faith in ourselves, even if everyone around us doesn’t believe in us. This message gives us an example of a person who didn’t lose faith in himself even though others did and shows us how powerful we can be if that would happen to us.

BBC School Reporter.