Unwanted Items

27.04.14. By Elin.

What do you do with your unwanted gifts?

A recent report has shown that people are taking advantage of landfill sites. Many electrical goods have been found literally dumped in the landfill sites. “goods worth more than £400m thrown away” quoted from BBC news.

A recent survey from Wrenn BBC school report members found out that:

Millie-Jo a -year seven student – has told us that she would respond to a gift she didn’t actually want by simply saying “thank you”. Furthermore, she also informed our team that she cares where all her things go, not only that but if she had the choice of giving away an unwanted item out of the following: selling it on ebay ( ebay is a page on the internet where you can sell second hand goods for money) , recycle it , landfill site or give it away to charity -she would give it to charity as there are people who need it more than she does.


In addition we also asked a year eight student –Rebecca-the same questions:

“Thank you but no thank you”

“yes I would care where it goes as I don’t want it to get damaged or ruined”

“I would give my goods to charity as it is a good cause”


We also asked two of our teachers the same questions to see what they had to say about this subject.

Miss Earl – one of our P.E staff said

“ I would smile,  and after they had gone I would exchange it.”

“I would like to know where it has gone as I am a bit of a snob and want to know where they come from”

“I would definitely let it go to charity as people less unfortunate than me NEED it”


And finally we asked MR Chapman another teacher the same questions.

“I would smile and say thank”

“yes i would care as I want to know what is happening with MY things”

“I would give it to a charity and a children’s ward as they are less fortunate than me”

Today’s report also claims that lots of us are throwing away things that aren’t actually Brocken just because we fancied a change


So what, would you do with your waste?