Mothers Day

27.04.14. By Meg

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, do we seem to take our Mothers for granted?

The Daily Express quoted that ‘Mums have around nineteen roles in the house’ This is from ‘chef to seamstress to nurse and teacher’

The Daily Express also quoted that ‘Mothers spend on average of six hours, twenty minutes a day or forty-four hours per week- on their chores’

More of their roles include ‘cleaner, travel agent, banker, stylist, counsellor and dog walker’

The big retailer Littlewoods found that ‘TV presenter Myleen Klass aged 35 was voted the most talented celebrity mother. This was followed by Emma Willis (Big Brother presenter).

Myleen (Mother of two) said ‘whether it’s driving the children to school, helping with homework or cooking the best roasts- Mothers are the best multi-taskers.

Times have changed. Now families take their Mothers and wives for granted.

In the past the Fathers would have gone out and looked after the family farm and possibly look after horses too. So they had a more important role back then.

Now the Mothers have jobs and are not stay at home Mothers anymore. So they need more help and support from other members of the family, because they get more tired by the end of the evening when they get some quality ‘me time’

Now all they do is lounge around watching sport or going out with their mates. This report suggests that the children and the fathers need to help out more within the household.

What do you think, how will you make a change to your habits around the home?