Editor. Lewis’s Review of News Day

27.04.14. Lewis’s Review of the News Day

BBC school report news day


This is my second year at BBC school report and this year I have the best and hardest job for the day, the editor. As editor I have to do lots of different jobs, I had to pick the jobs of what everyone does and keep everyone doing what they have to do.

This year BBC school report has been the best year so far as I have more to do and not just me but our school report team have been able to do more to make our report day the best as we have had more people helping out and more reporters in the team. Because of this there is no one that can’t do what they don’t want to as we have more people.

I really hope that we can do this next year because it can give us more of a feel of what the world of news is like.

Mothers Day

27.04.14. By Meg

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, do we seem to take our Mothers for granted?

The Daily Express quoted that ‘Mums have around nineteen roles in the house’ This is from ‘chef to seamstress to nurse and teacher’

The Daily Express also quoted that ‘Mothers spend on average of six hours, twenty minutes a day or forty-four hours per week- on their chores’

More of their roles include ‘cleaner, travel agent, banker, stylist, counsellor and dog walker’

The big retailer Littlewoods found that ‘TV presenter Myleen Klass aged 35 was voted the most talented celebrity mother. This was followed by Emma Willis (Big Brother presenter).

Myleen (Mother of two) said ‘whether it’s driving the children to school, helping with homework or cooking the best roasts- Mothers are the best multi-taskers.

Times have changed. Now families take their Mothers and wives for granted.

In the past the Fathers would have gone out and looked after the family farm and possibly look after horses too. So they had a more important role back then.

Now the Mothers have jobs and are not stay at home Mothers anymore. So they need more help and support from other members of the family, because they get more tired by the end of the evening when they get some quality ‘me time’

Now all they do is lounge around watching sport or going out with their mates. This report suggests that the children and the fathers need to help out more within the household.

What do you think, how will you make a change to your habits around the home?

Royal British Legion & Wrenn School


Royal British Legion with Wrenn School – Written by Andrew

When I discovered that Wrenn School will have the honour of being associated with the Royal British Legion, I was amazed that our secondary school in particular would be able to connect with the Royal British Legion. I also felt extremely proud of the fact that the mayor himself was able to award Wrenn School the ability for our generation to be able to support previous generations which in some cases is forgotten because of the age differences. As well as this I feel pleased of the fact that Wrenn School’s association with the Royal British Legion may increase awareness of the charity and may increase donations which will be made towards the charity. I am glad of the fact that we have associated with the Royal British Legion because it means that we will be supporting the elderly in our local area and the fact that many students who attend Wrenn School will be able to relate to the charity personally through their families. Overall I feel extremely privileged that Wrenn School has the opportunity to work with the Royal British Legion as many secondary schools cannot say that they are associated with the Royal British Region. As well as this the Royal British Legion also supports those who have been in recent wars such as Afghanistan and their families. We received the honour of being tied with the Royal British Legion because of the amount of community work which we took part in.

I interviewed a member of staff on her thoughts about our connection with the Royal British Legion: ‘I am very glad of the fact that we were able to connect to the Royal British Legion not only because of the honour of being the only secondary school in the country which is connected with the Royal British Legion, but also because it will offer us a valuable opportunity to broaden our student’s knowledge and awareness of war and it’s side effects.  Another aspect of the Royal British Legion is the fact that if we had not won during the world wars, what would life be like now?  I believe that now that we are connected with the Royal British Legion , many other charities may notice us as last year we created the idea of ‘Stitch  up cancer’ which has now gone nationwide as an opportunity to raise money for Cancer Research. Mrs Mallett and Mrs Sharpe are currently trying to think of new ways of raising money for the charities and supporting our community’.

For now though, we will just have to wait and see what other ways we will be able to raise  money for charities, but you can be sure that you will be hearing more from us soon.

Unwanted Items

27.04.14. By Elin.

What do you do with your unwanted gifts?

A recent report has shown that people are taking advantage of landfill sites. Many electrical goods have been found literally dumped in the landfill sites. “goods worth more than £400m thrown away” quoted from BBC news.

A recent survey from Wrenn BBC school report members found out that:

Millie-Jo a -year seven student – has told us that she would respond to a gift she didn’t actually want by simply saying “thank you”. Furthermore, she also informed our team that she cares where all her things go, not only that but if she had the choice of giving away an unwanted item out of the following: selling it on ebay ( ebay is a page on the internet where you can sell second hand goods for money) , recycle it , landfill site or give it away to charity -she would give it to charity as there are people who need it more than she does.


In addition we also asked a year eight student –Rebecca-the same questions:

“Thank you but no thank you”

“yes I would care where it goes as I don’t want it to get damaged or ruined”

“I would give my goods to charity as it is a good cause”


We also asked two of our teachers the same questions to see what they had to say about this subject.

Miss Earl – one of our P.E staff said

“ I would smile,  and after they had gone I would exchange it.”

“I would like to know where it has gone as I am a bit of a snob and want to know where they come from”

“I would definitely let it go to charity as people less unfortunate than me NEED it”


And finally we asked MR Chapman another teacher the same questions.

“I would smile and say thank”

“yes i would care as I want to know what is happening with MY things”

“I would give it to a charity and a children’s ward as they are less fortunate than me”

Today’s report also claims that lots of us are throwing away things that aren’t actually Brocken just because we fancied a change


So what, would you do with your waste?