Wrenn’s Got Talent


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On the 25th October, our school had their own talent contest named ‘Wrenn’s Got Talent’. There were 16 acts including singers, majorettes, tap dancers, and bands.

First off, the whole contest was introduced by two girls named Samantha and Jessica.

The judges were: Winner of Britain’s got Talent and former Wrenn pupil, from Ashleigh and Pudsey, former student Frazer McDonald and finally our very own head teacher: Mr William Thallon.

The judges picked an amazing act; a contemporary dancer, Lewis Starr, who danced to a very calm and gentle song. Whereas of the audiences winner, No One Neglect sang and played a very different song American Idiot by Green Day.

But not only that, no…the audience chose yet another contestant, Danielle, who sang a very uplifting song, and was definitely one of our favourites.

Natalia’s Opinion

My favourite was Danielle because her voice was so powerful, and the way she was confident really improved her performance.

Eimear’s Opinion

In my opinion, No One Neglect was the best because they all worked together very well and the song was AMAZING!

By Natalia & Eimear