Stitch Up Cancer

Stitch up multi Wrenn School: Stitch-Up Cancer

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. Shocking hey?  Statistics like this show that we need to raise more awareness and money for not just breast cancer but for the whole cause. Last year Wrenn School started a tapestry that later on will be passed through the country, so that everyone can get involved with Stitch-Up Cancer.

Stitch-Up Cancer is a large tapestry of the Wellingborough Coat Of Arms and on the 18th June 2013 the first stitch was stitched into the Tapestry.  Lots have people have taken part including staff, students and teachers at the school, the mayor and even Ashleigh and Pudsey have done their bit! Many people are involved in this project as Cancer awareness is a world-wide issue that everyone should know about.

To be a part of this project all you need to do is pay 50p to play your part and help reach our goal of £30,000. The Mayor is fully behind us as are Cancer Research.  We will be the first town to do this event and Cancer research is hoping to take this idea all over the country.

So let’s do it together!  Let’s Stitch up Cancer. For good.

By Alicia and Amber