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Mar 282018

Easter evokes many memories for me – chocolate, eggs, the start of summer time and the cricket season.  However, there is an ingrained memory that never leaves me at this time of the year, and that was the signal to start revising every day for my exams.  Observers of Lent know that it is a 40-day period of sacrifice and withdrawal, a time for reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. 

Similarly, our Year 11 and 13 students need to make their sacrifices in preparation for the celebration of their exam results in August.  From the day we break up we are exactly 40 days away to the first exam on the 9th May 2018.  I urge all of our students who are sitting their public exams to make sacrifices to revise, but not to withdraw from life.  They need a balance of work and social time to remain healthy both physically and mentally, to survive the pressures of the ‘exam season’.

The support from yourselves as parents and from the staff at Wrenn will help them through this arduous time. My staff at Wrenn have made sacrifices too and you will have seen the extensive revision programme over the Easter holidays, along with the detailed enrichment programme that takes place every day after school.  I am sure, like myself, you appreciate the generous time that they are giving to ensure that every student can achieve beyond their potential.  We have a new saying….

“At Wrenn Academy you are given opportunities to learn. It’s up to you to seize them. “

For the other year groups in school, the Summer term is a wonderful time of the year.  You too have the same enrichment opportunities after school, so you must check on our website for the timetable of activities that are taking place every day up to 4.30pm.

We have seen some incredible successes this term that have made us extremely Proud to be Wrenn:-

  • Year 9 boys for winning the District 7-a-side football
  • Year 10 boys for winning the District 7-a-side football
  • Year 9/10 girls for winning the Volleyball School Games
  • Year 9 boys and girls for winning the County Maths Challenge
  • Norbert Chabros for winning 2nd place in the Rotary Club County Masterchef
  • Seth Tsang who has been offered a place at Emmanuel College – Cambridge University, studying Medicine
  • Amy Walton who has been offered a place at Churchill College – Cambridge University, studying Maths
  • Successful Science Day held at South End Junior School, organised and delivered to the whole school by our Science Technicians and members of our Sixth Form

I am excited for the future of Wrenn and the opportunities for our students over the coming months.  Please enjoy your Easter holiday with your family and friends but remember that it is a time for sacrifice. 

We look forward to seeing you all back at school on Tuesday 17th April 2018.

 March 28, 2018