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May 132015




Being a teacher is a real privilege and during our working life we get to meet and work with some amazing young people. Occasionally an extra special person comes along – They manage to inspire everyone who works with them by showing a fantastic attitude to succeed despite any barriers which may have been placed in their way.

Abdullah is one of those people. He displays all the qualities one could possibly want in a young person. He is kind, thoughtful, hugely dedicated to his studies and is a fine role model for other students. Whenever you see him he has a huge smile on his face. He has a real zest for life which is infectious on anyone who is around him.

I remember the first time that I met with Abdullah – a polite, shy young boy with a big smile on his face who greeted me with “hello sir” and shook my hand. They were literally the only words that he could speak. To see how far he has come since that day back in October 2013 really does fill me with pride and truly is the reason why I came into the teaching profession.


Last summer we as a school were asked to nominate a student for the Fellowship Award.  The aim was to pick a winner from among the 12 Education Fellowship schools to reward someone who embodied the Fellowship’s values. These were:

  • Working hard to achieve excellence
  • Courage to stand up for what we believe in
  • Respecting others
  • Having fun and a good quality of life
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Humility, compassion and concern for others
  • Tolerance and forgiveness
  • Confidence to lead
  • Kindness

Abdullah won the Award out of all the nominations from each school.

More recently he was nominated for and won a second major award.

Category: Champion for Young People – Nomination by Mrs Morgan

Reason:  This young man has come from nothing, he is an English as an Additional Language pupil who attends Wrenn School and is an amazing role model for all our EAL/LAC students.  His personal achievements in school are amazing, this man will work break, lunch and after school to cram in as much education as he can.  He has integrated himself into British culture and is a fantastic, motivated, young man.

Those of you that know Abdullah would acknowledge, I am sure, that he is a worthy recipient.  Needless, to say, he accepted the awards with humility and pride. We at Wrenn are extremely proud of him. I cannot speak highly enough of this popular young man, he is an inspiration to others. He is an absolute credit to himself and our school.

Thank you Abdullah and well done.

 May 13, 2015