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Qualification AS / A-Level
Exam Board AQA
Course summary This is a linear A level studied over two years, with an exit AS qualification at the end of Year 12. On this course, we will be exploring two key areas of economic theory. Firstly, microeconomics – which looks at how individual markets (including labour markets) work, but also how they can fail. Secondly, macroeconomics – which examines the functioning of whole economies or regions, in addition to the workings of the global economy.
What will students learn? AS content Markets and market failure

The national economy in a global context

A2 content Individuals, markets and market failure

International economics

A synoptic, case study, paper on economic issues and principles

How will students be assessed? AS At AS level, there are two papers on micro and macroeconomics – each with a multiple choice section (20 marks) and a data response question accounting for 50 marks. 15% of this paper will involve numerical calculations. The AS exam does not count for the A2 qualification


The full A level has three papers of equal weight. The micro and macroeconomics papers have a mixture of data response and essay questions. The Synoptic paper has multiple choice questions and a case study paper. 20% of the A2 qualification will involve numerical calculations.

Differentiation  Scaffolded support is provided for essay style questions, with additional guidance and support where needed. The more able will have numerous opportunities to develop their understanding and application skills. Regular top up/ catch up sessions are provided during period 6 as well as a mentoring scheme by Year 13 students.
Resources Popular websites for economics students include