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Feb 132015

Headteacher’s BlogSteve Elliot

As the new Headteacher, I see 2015 as the beginning of a new journey for Wrenn School and the community it serves. We will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do and we are aiming to achieve an outstanding judgement from Ofsted in the future. Ofsted are due to inspect our school and we will welcome them whenever they give us the call and build on our reputation as an improving school.

I have been given a very warm welcome from all who are connected with the school and I have seen for myself that our staff and students are extremely hard working, highly motivated and determined to be part of the new future for Wrenn. In particular, the staff are committed to drive the improvements that I have initiated, so our students receive the best education and opportunities they richly deserve. There are no limits to the levels of success our students can achieve and no barriers on their journey. Our principal ethos, as shared by our inspirational sponsors, The Education Fellowship, remains a key focus; to deliver an excellent education to children of all backgrounds. We are committed to every child receiving access to a top quality education and the life opportunities which that can offer. We will create an “I can achieve anything” atmosphere in school through dedicated hard work, a focus on learning both in the classroom and at home, with a positive attitude and respectful behaviour for each other.

Sport continues to be successful at Wrenn and our other extra- curricular opportunities through many of our subjects and after school clubs, offer our students with a diverse and rich curriculum. It is important that our students strike the right balance of working hard and playing hard. This brings me onto the fabulous opportunities that our Year 11 and 6th form students have, as they embark on their important journey to secure outstanding examination results. I strongly urge that parents and students start to plan an intensive programme of learning and prepare thoroughly for the oncoming exams which are rapidly approaching. The old adage of “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” holds true and all students have the ability and capability of making rapid and sustained progress over the next 14 weeks.

I am privileged to be part of the Wrenn community and I am determined to rise to the challenge in improving standards throughout the school. Along with the staff, students and parents I am confident that we will all work together in making 2015 a successful year and create opportunities which will improve the life chances of our students.

Steve Elliott

Associate Headteacher

 February 13, 2015